The Easy Instalment Plan

What is EIP?

It is a purchase plan that allows Barclays

credit card holders to buy furniture or

interior decor services using their credit

cards and pay in instalments of up to 6

months at zero % interest rate. 

How does it work?

1. Visit our and

select the products you wish to purchase.

2. Thereafter visit our store along Siaya

road in Kileleshwa and swipe your card to

make your purchase.

3. Fill up the Easy Instalment Plan form 

and indicate how many months you wish

to spread your payment for. (either 3 or 6


4. We will send the form to Barclays bank 

who shall then immediately put you on the plan.

5. A receipt will be issued to you and item purchased can be collected thereafter.

6. In cases where an item has to be made or customized, we will advice the production time and issue you with

a job card capturing all the specifications.


Discount offer

Barclays credit and debit card holders get to enjoy a 10% discount on purchases made in full. This applies to 

customers who do not wish to utilize the Easy Instalment Plan